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Credit and Political Risk Insurance

The world continues to be a politically volatile and unstable place. Add to the equation credit risks and any company or financier can experience either the loss of an asset or receivable or an unexpected liability arising from the following insurable risks:
  • Buyer or Borrower non-payment
  • Counter party non-performance such as failure to deliver goods
  • Frustration of an overseas contract due to government action or inaction
  • Import or export licence cancellation
  • Imposition of embargoes
  • Confiscation, Expropriation or Nationalisation of fixed assets such as equity or buildings or mobile assets such as inventory, leased equipment, contractors plant and mortgaged or leased assets
  • The fair or unfair calling of on-demand guarantees
  • Physical Damage due to war, political violence, terrorism and strikes, riots and civil commotion
Surety Bonds and Bond Support
We can also offer our services to assist customers who require surety bonds or to banks to transfer the credit risk under stand-by ILC’s or bonding facilities offered to their customers.

Stand Alone Terrorism and Political Violence
MarRS can structure cover for single assets, worldwide property schedules or anything in between.

MarRS have a specialist team proving tailor made credit and political risk insurance contracts to clients including banks, finance houses, exporters, importers, contractors, commodity traders and multinational corporations. Led by Daniel Oades, who has been in this marketplace since 1983 and has been at the forefront of many major placements and developments in this field, our team are here to provide the best possible service from advice to transactional services and claim settlements.

Residual Value Insurance
We have a variety of markets who can provide risk transfer mechanisms to insure that a specific asset or portfolio of assets are worth an agreed sum at a future date.

For information on how the above insurances can be applied to your company, please click on the relevant tab below or contact us directly. For further information Contact:
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