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Clauses and Proposal Forms

For your information and convenience we have published a number of Insurance Clauses, and Proposal Forms for you to download to view or print. Simply click on the one you require.

- Clauses
- Institute Time Clauses – Hulls
- Institute War and Strikes Clauses – Hulls-Time
- Institute Time Clauses – Hulls Disbursements and Increased Value
  (Total Loss only, including Excess Liabilities)
- Institute of Voyages Clauses – Hull
- Institute of Cargo Clauses

- Proposal Forms
- P&I - Protection and Indemnity
- Small Craft Questionnaire
- Terminal Operators Liability
- Charterers’ Liability
- Container Operators Liability
- Ship Agents Liability
- Freight Forwarders Liability
- Road Transport Liability
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