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We believe in offering a comprehensive and pro-active claims service to all our clients.

MarRS offers proactive claims processing and handling with clear aims and a client driven focus enabling us to deliver a high-quality and efficient claims service. We offer strategic and practical advice on major claims, delivering solutions into the marketplace by virtue of our team’s technical and legal expertise and long-standing relationships. Where more in-depth advice is required we will go the extra mile and help our client from appointment of tug/tow assistance to settlement for all parties involved. We also offer the expertise of C Solutions Limited, headed by Chris Beesley (ex Ince) to our clients where a more ‘helping hand’ approach is required.

It is our belief that this allows the client to have a scope of claims coverage that best matches their individual needs. This bespoke service is rarely, if ever offered elsewhere.

For further information Contact:
James Wright james.wright@marrisk.com +44 207 148 1424
Ben Gilbert ben.gilbert@marrisk.com +44 207 148 1160

Credit and Political Risks
At MarRS we guarantee that your transaction team will be there not only in structuring your insurance requirements but also throughout all and any claims and loss minimisation requirements you have. We do not pass over any transaction to a claims team as we believe both insurers and client’s benefit from continuity of personnel throughout the entire life of a policy.
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